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Mission Statement
The purpose of the Turner County Jail is to provide the highest degree of security for the citizens of Turner County, and the safety for both the staff and the inmates of the detention system in a professional and cost efficient manner.  The facility staff has the responsibility to provide and operate as efficiently as effectively as possible while performing its mission, and planning creatively today for the future criminal justice needs.

The facility will provide secure, constitutional and humane care for adult male and female inmates consistent with the United States and the State of Georgia Constitutions and Georgia Jail Standards for:
        Inmates on pretrial status until disposition of their cases;
        Post trial inmates sentenced to the facility until their sentences has
        been served.

The facility will serve the needs of all user agencies and individuals, including inmates, staff, law enforcement, judicial authorities, attorneys, community service providers, clergy and visitors.

The philosophy of the facility is predicated upon two underlying assumptions:
        Incarceration is, in itself, punishment.
        All inmates shall be accountable for their actions while confined at
        Turner County Jail.

The Turner County Sheriff recognizes that detention of pretrial inmates is not for punishment, as guilt has not yet been determined.  The purpose of pretrial detention is:
        To ensure appearance of the accused at trial.
        The purpose of Post trial incarceration is:
                Punish through loss of freedom and deter from further criminal and or antisocial behavior.
                To incapacitate those who may commit additional crimes.
                To aid and assist those inmates who show a desire and interest in self-improvement.  This will be                                            accomplished by allowing selected inmates to participate in educational, religious, and mental health services.

Additionally, the Turner County Jail must meet three basic responsibilities for its user constituencies, which include the inmate population, facility staff, visitors or the center and other professional who use or visit the facility.  These responsibilities are Safety, Security and Service.

With regard to safety, the Turner County Jail will protect all persons who enter the facility.  A safe, secure and orderly environment for all users, staff, inmates and visitors will be achieved to assure they are not subjected to physical, emotional or psychological abuse and to minimize personal danger while in the facility.  Inmate disciplinary and grievance procedures shall be followed to maintain facility order and resolution of grievances.

With regard to service, the Turner County Jail shall be aware of the need to reduce prisoner idleness and to conserve and promote human dignity when possible.  Inmate labor will be utilized to minimize operational costs and minimize idleness in such areas as facility sanitation, food services and laundry services. 

With regard to security, the Turner County Jail will provide adequate numbers of trained correctional personnel whose primary responsibilities are to ensure facility security; staff, inmate and visitor safety; inmate care and supervision required for response to basic needs of inmates consistent with a constitutional and humane environment, and the encouragement and reinforcement of positive inmate behavior. Personal supervision of inmates will be utilized to the extent possible to promote safety and respond to the basic needs of inmates.
It is the goal or purpose of the Turner County Jail "to protect the community, to carry out judgments imposed by the courts, to provide a safe and humane environment for those committed to our custody and to strive to increase the number of inmates who return to the community as law abiding citizens." The functional role of the Turner County Jail is to maintain custody of pre-trial prisoners and to carry out judgments of the courts of sentenced offenders with respect and protection of the civil, and legal rights of all offenders. Four objectives have been established to obtain the goal of the Turner County Jail. These objectives include:
  • To provide a level of supervision consistent with human dignity and assuring maximum protection to the community, staff and inmates.
  • To provide an institutional environment to minimize any detrimental effects of confinement.
  • To improve management resources, technology and skills necessary to meet the demands of development and future expansion.
  • To increase the knowledge of correctional technology through assessment, evaluation and research.

Jail Staff